Thank you for visiting the website of the Bond Of Friendship Lodge 9117. We are a friendly Lodge and welcome any enquiries you may have about us.

We meet on six Saturdays per year, the first Saturday in February and March, the fourth Saturday in April (this is our Installation Meeting when we choose a new Master for the year), and again the first Saturdays in October, November and December.

We are part of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex, who in turn are part of the United Grand Lodge of England.

The design of the (coloured) badge depicts three masons of yesteryear building a wall brick by brick and shows them preparing the rough and smooth stones for the hands of the more expert craftsmen, here represented by the Master finally setting the stone with a heavy mawl. They are using working tools of craft masonry (i.e. a gavel, square and compass).

The bond of friendship which grows as the building develops reflects the great principles on which the order is founded – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

In the background are the Ionic, Doric and Corinthian columns representing the three great pillars symbolising the wisdom of King Solomon, the strength of Hiram King of Tyre and the beauty of the work of Hiram Abif.

The three masons, who wear Entered Apprentice’s badges are clothed in the colours crimson, purple and blue thereby linking the completion of the third degree in craft with Royal Arch Masonry.

The design is completed with a triangle incorporating the six martlets of Sussex.