Bond of Friendship Lodge

Lodge No. 9117
Based in Littlehampton, West Sussex


Hello and welcome to our website, whether you are interested in possibly joining or are simply curious about freemasonry you are welcome to browse.

We are are a masonic craft lodge that meets six times a year at Littlehampton Masonic Hall


Some information about freemasonry

Mainstream freemasonry in the UK, what we call regular freemasonry, is administered by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) through a network of 48 Provinces within England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

The geography of Provinces is roughly based on the old county boundaries and each Province is presided over by a Provincial Grand Master, who is assisted by various Provincial Officers.

All regular Lodges are registered with UGLE and are given a registration number – ours is 9117. We are part of the masonic Province of Sussex.

For more information visit the UGLE website or the Sussex provincial website.


Interested in joining?

The main purpose of this site is as a repository of information for members, although visitors are welcome to browse.

If you are not a mason but considering joining it is a popular myth that you have to be asked to join – like a lot of what is said about us online this is just not true. To find out more, and to discuss whether Freemasonry might by something for you, simply get in touch.